Mouthing Off: Conquering vaginas and fearing cunts

By Amanda Lee Myers

Amanda Lee Myers


The word stands alone. It doesn't need any adornment or description. It's plain and simple.


So why does this one little word make people shift in their seats and divert their eyes from its speaker?


Am I making you uncomfortable? I imagine so. I too was once in your boat.

Vagina is not a word spoken in polite conversation. It's a dirty word. One does not overhear conversations focused on vaginas. One does not usually care to engage in a conversation in which their own vagina is discussed. It is simply not done. Until recently...

Eve Ensler's Vagina Monologues continues to grow in popularity and controversy.

The motto of the monologues is: "Until the violence stops." Basically, the monologues exist to raise money to help women and girls who have been subjected to abuse, and to spread the word that vaginas are wonderful.

After seeing Ensler speak about what exactly the monologues are and why they exist, I became more "vagina-friendly," as Ensler would say.

No, I didn't start frequenting strip clubs or buying "toys." What I did do was open myself up to the word and idea of vagina.

No longer was it as awkward or taboo in my opinion. I attempted to stop using secret phrases my mother taught me like "down there" and "the business."

What is the point really? Why is it so difficult for so many to say one simple little word?


After conquering vagina, I felt completely prepared for The Vagina Monologues, which played this weekend in Neeb Hall on the ASU campus. Or so I thought...

It was the first time I actually saw the monologues since Ensler opened my mind to vaginas. While I laughed histerically at some of the monologues, including a priceless impersonation of every type of orgasm that ever existed, I shifted in my seat at the awkwardness that several of them caused.

At one point, the ladies of the monologues began chanting the C-word, a word I abhor. Every woman I know thinks it is one of, if not the dirtiest word in the English language.

"Cunt! Cunt! Cunt! Cunt!" they shouted.

As they yelled, clapped and made their way toward the audience, I found myself feeling like a deer in headlights.

Other audience members began to shout "Cunt! Cunt! Cunt! Cunt!"

"I just can't do it," I said to my good friend on my left.

"What is wrong with me?" I thought. "I finally get past the word vagina, and now they are trying to get me comfortable with cunt? Who do these people think they are kidding?"

But what I later realized was that they were not shouting "cunt" to make me or anyone else uncomfortable. They were doing it because cunt, like vagina, is an awkward word that refers to female genitalia.

And in order for us to be completely "vagina friendly," we need to be cunt friendly.

So maybe, just maybe next time I will be able to clap my hands and shout with everyone else.

"Cunt! Cunt! Cunt! Cunt!"

Amanda Lee Myers is the Editor-in-Chief of the Web Devil. Reach her at

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